The Night that her bueaty and sexiness made me clap for that.

March 5, 2007

It was like any other saturday night but it was something about this night that was special. I arrived at the club about 9:45 and sat in the VIP louge, where I watched TV until the crowed got there and there was this waitress that I was going to meet at 10:00. When she got there she had to stock her bar and then we conversated about when she’s gonna be off. She told me that she want me to fix her plumming and I siad you bet. As I was on my way to the bathroom I saw this pretty redbone chick that was looking so fine. She said, she needed to use the men bathroom because her bathroom was out of order, so I told her that she could use it first and I would watched the door for her. She told me that she was a scropio and that she had a boyfriend so I just kept the conversation nonshalant. I returned back to the VIP and then as the place got packed I saw her walked in the club as I was dancing on the floor with another girl. I just stop daning with her and went straight to looking for her. As I approached her I knew she was the one and it happened, she looked me in the eyes and said where were you all my life. We just hit it off right away and from that moment on I didn’t look for any more female to talk to. Her bueaty was so stunning I was at lost for words and I took to steps back and said I’m just gonna CLAP FOR THAT.             


The day is long and so is my tougue.

March 2, 2007

I got out the bed and went to the bank, because it’s time for rent to be do. I came back to my apartment and gave them my rent for the month and then I recieved a phone call form a friend that I meet long ago. She that she wasn’t bizzy but want to come see me sense she had a little time on her hand. She told me that she would be right over, so I jump up and try to straight up a little bit. Then I looked for the perfect movie to watch and then I heard a knock at the door and there she was a bueatiful angel that was dressed all in black. She came in and to my surprise she kissed me on the lip so I kissed back. At that point I knew it was on but then she said slow down young man because I’m not going know where. We then laid down on the bed and talk for a minute as we both watched the movie. All through the movie she just kiss and tongue me to death while she hold me as she looked into my eye’s. For a minute there I though that she going let me go all the way, because I was about to burst as I was sucking on her nipples and thing had to be at least an inch in size and that was a first for me. She kissed real good and was very affectionate. Then I sent her home with a kiss and a smile, Then I went to class.


The day I watched the movie in class.

March 1, 2007

I watched this movie and was shock but not surprise that this movie effect more of the other students then I did. I think that ennis played a good part in the movie and I wanted ennis to get with his wife and straighten things out. Jack twist pushed ennis to the point to where he could not get back to reality. All in all the movie was interesting.


The day when I found new love (Friendship love).

February 28, 2007

It happen one night went I when in the club and saw my new girlfriend or how they say, my name baby mama. When I approached her like in the moviesand then I said may I have this dance with you and she replied, I would love to. As we danced the night away I felt that every thing in my life was perfect at that moment. We then walked to the bar for a drink, then she replied I don’t drink and for me that was good because I don’t drink ether. We sat and talk for hours about everything amaginable then it was time to go home and at this time we both didn’t wanted the night to end. I walk her to her car and exchanged numbers, then came the m0ment of truth. I leaned over and then it happened, she gave me this long juice kiss. It was then that I knew she was the one.   


The day when I saw her again for the first time.

February 27, 2007

I started my day  going and checking my mail then I went to store to by me a bucket so I can wash my truck. After washing my truck I went to meet a friend of mine at the mall. When I got to the mall, traffic was heavy and it was hard to find a park.  I parked and then meet with my friend johnette, we walk in every shoe store, there was and I had so much fun. She make me feel good when I’am around her. Then she stopped for something to eat, She want a cinnamin roll with nuts and it was so delicious. We then lefted the mall and I went home for a little while and then I went to the dutch Square mall. I went into the mall and to my suprise there she was the girl that hated my guts and I hated her’s so I told my self, but when I saw her at that moment something happen, I didn’t hated her any more but wanted her say something. I saw her walking through the mall but she didn’t see me and so I sat down on the bench in the mall and watched her talked on her cell phone. I text her to let her know I saw her and when I did that she try to find me by looking around the mall and then she spotted me sitting on the bench. I never had intention on saying any thing to her but then she called me and ask me to help shop for and outfit for the party she was going to. I got up and went and helped her look for something to wear. After that she brought me something to eat and then I went home.           


The day I went to class and had an interesting time.

February 22, 2007

I woke up and got something to eat and then i went to the mail box and checked the box for my check. Then I got dress and went to the bank to deposit it . Then i came to class because it felt like it was gonna be a good day. We started with a little lessons on solving problem. Then we played everbody’s favorite songs and ate bread and cheese. I loved most of the songs I’ve heard and the songs my teacher was playing was pretty good but some of the people in the class was not feeling it. All in all it was a nice jam session.    


The day that I learn how to let go

February 20, 2007

Now there’s  another chapter in my life where I must turn the page on yet one more woman in my life that didn’t mean me any good. I grow and learn from each encounter and say to my self, what don’t kill me just make me stronger. She texted me last night just to tell me she see me and that she was stalking me. I replyed to her text then just went to the sports bar to socialize and watch the game that was on the big screen. Later that night I talk to friend on the phone to about 2:00am then I went home and watch a movie while studying for a test. I got to class and recieved another text from her telling me that she saw me on myspace, but didn’t responed back to her text. I finished my one page report for class and done my blog. My new friend is a scrpio like me and we get along good.